Protocols / New Guidelines



Dear Clients;


I have implemented the below safety measures so far and they may be added too, in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, they will be in effect immediately once I have been advised I am allowed to re-open..


I am looking forward to seeing you and will soon be calling you to make appointments with you.  There will be a “new normal” at Gratitude Day Spa and new rules in place in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.   Please keep these rules / protocols in mind when you visit the spa.


  • Maintain 6’ apart between you and any other person in the spa as much as possible.

  • No children are allowed in the spa at this time unless they are scheduled for an appointment.

  • Payments - I will NO LONGER be accepting any CASH you will be able to email transfer, debit or credit

  • I will be calling the day before your appointment to confirm / pre-screen before you come to the appointment.

  • Upon arrival all clients are required to sanitize their hands, and apply their mask before entering the spa.

  • Complete the new guest check-in forms before appointment can occur.

  • The door will be locked during each clients appointments preventing outside people coming into the spa who are not booked for an appointment / or sceened.

  • 30 minutes between appointments have been set aside to prevent client contact and allowing us to properly disinfect / sterilize before / after each client.

  • Please do not show up too early for your appointment as the door will be locked until we are ready to accept the next appointment.  If the door is locked please do not wait at the door, please just come back at your appointment time.. This will also prevent clients from running into each other.  Your patience will be greatly appreciated.

  • PLEASE CANCEL your appointment should you develop symptoms or your family member is confirmed or suspected of COVID-19.  I will be asking you about this when you arrive for your appointment as well.

  • Should you wish only to come for a product / gift certificate pick up, please call ahead to schedule a pick-up time to avoid overlapping scheduled service clients checking in or checking out.

  • Outside drinks will NO LONGER be allowed, to prevent as much outside exposure inside the spa as possible.

  • ALL tea / coffee will be provided in a take-out throw away cup.

  • Guests accompanying those scheduled for services, is discouraged.

  • I will thoroughly clean, sanitize hands and wear Nitrile gloves, mask throughout entire appointment.

  • All tools / equipment used during the treatment will be properly disinfected and sterilized.

  • All surfaces will be wiped thoroughly with hospital grade disinfectant before and after each client.


I truly appreciate all your understanding in the strict new rules / guidelines now in place, my number one priority is protecting my clients, staff and my family.  I want to provide a safe / stress free environment for my clients to enjoy their service knowing they are protected.  These guidelines as we continue may need to be added to as we all navigate through this difficult time.


If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to discuss with me.